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Login Problems

Your 'Username' and 'Password' are both case-sensitive so please check your use of capital letters if you experience problems logging into the site. And take care if copying and pasting your password - it's easy to include an extra space or character by mistake. If you have just registered, or just changed your profile, then your account may still be awaiting approval. You will receive notification once your account has been approved. Approval normally takes a few hours, but on occasions it can take up to 12 hours.

Account Approval Problems

The most common reason for accounts not being approved is the lack of a clear face photo. If, for example, you try to register using a photo of a vase of flowers, then your account will not be approved. Another common problem is the lack of a valid email address. If we don't have a working email address then we have no means of contacting you to help resolve the problem. We will also refuse any accounts which raise clear suspicions of fraud or scamming. Accounts are normally approved within a few hours, but on occasions it can take up to 12 hours.

Photo Verification

There is an on-site Photobooth where you can take a photo with your webcam. The photo is automatically sent to our admin where it is checked against your profile photos. And if it appears to show the same person then your profile is marked as photo verified. Please 'Contact Us' if your account doesn't show as verified within 24 hours, then we can look again for your photo..

Deletion / Deactivation

You can deactivate your account from the 'settings' page. Or you can let it deactivate automatically by not logging in for 6 months. Once deactivated your account will be invisible, but it will still reactivate if you choose to log in within 6 months. Then after 6 months of deactivation it will be permanently deleted. Or it may be permanently deleted more quickly if you have only been active for a very short time. Remember that the site is growing, and that it might be worth checking back in the months ahead.


Unfortunately there are scammers all over the internet, and we urge you to be cautious at all times. Beware those who profess instant love, those that offer something too good to be true, and those that never appear on a webcam. And do not send money to anyone that you haven't known for a reasonable time. It's important that you report any problems to us immediately. Nanny-scams are especially common at the moment. Anyone offering you a nanny job on this site will be a scammer - so please report it.


A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser. We only use cookies to enable the site to function correctly, following the preferences you selected, or following on your previous activity. No sensitive information is stored, and no tracking, or malicious activity is involved.


accept icon    shows that a members photos have been verified by admin using the 'Photobooth' or by other means.

favourite icon    Click Favourite to make a private bookmark of people who might be of interest in the future. The other person does NOT know that they are in your favourites.

smile icon    Click Smile to show interest in someone. Then if the other person smiles back then a friend will automatically be created for you. And then you can message or chat with them.

Mail icon    Click Mail to send a message to a friend.

comment icon    Click Chat to chat with someone who is online.

Cancel icon    Click Block to prevent any further contact with a person.

delete icon    Click Delete to remove someone from your lists of visitors, favourites etc.

If the icon is coloured grey then it's is because you don't have permission, or because the other person is not available.


You can add anyone to your Favourites. The other person does not know that they're in your favourites, It's a private bookmark for anyone that you might want to refer back to. Just click the 'Favourites' icon (star), or the 'Favourites' button.

Showing Interest

To show interest just send a Smile by clicking the 'Smile' icon, or the 'Smile' button. Then if you want to follow this with a personal message you can once you've smiled.

Sending a Message

You can send a message to any of your friends, or anyone who you've smiled at. Just click the 'Message' icon, or the 'Message' button.


You can chat to anyone who is online by clicking the chat icon. If you don't want anyone to chat with you, you can turn off Chat on the 'Home/Settings' page.

Missing Messages

This arises when we have to delete the sender quickly, and with them their messages too.




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